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I just finished a Buffy marathon as I have no exams this week so my weekend was free down here in Bloomington Normal. I was able to finish 3 whole seasons of seven. Next weekend maybe I will finish the rest.

I still think Angel is the Hottest. But I like the rest of the Characters in the series too.
Giles reminds me of my history professor Mr. Kunottson. I keep expecting him to come into class carrying ancient spell book or some other leather bound book and start spouting old Latin spells at us.

Buffy herself I can take or leave. She is just another superhero who isn’t all that powerful. She actually does remind me of the airheaded cheerleader wannabes here at school, ore worried about who they are seen with, or if their hair is in place. Not that they associate with me. They all look down on me cause I am a geek. Fine by me.

The other cast members are what does it for me. Xander and Willow I think drove the show. Xander reminds me of many of my friends. They try to do good but often screw it up.

I love Willow wide eyed stare at everything around her and how she finds an entirely new world that while often evil draws her in as she is fascinated by the knowledge and power that is out there. She and I are a lot alike. Computers to me are my magic and the knowledge i learn is like occult knowledge that she studies in the Buffyverse. Computers rule the world you know and if you learn what makes them tick and learn how to control them you are like a wizard or sorceress. I like that word better than witch.

We have a lot girls here like Cordelia so full of themselves and vain to a fault. The show creator Joss Whedon Captured lives at school perfectly. Sometimes I mentally dub many of the people after characters in the show.
Surprisingly they actually do follow the stereotypes.

I think I have discovered one of the secrets of the universe. That people mirror TV shows not the other way around.
We spend thousands of hours glued the tube shouldn’t then we start resonating with the characters that we feel a kinship to?
Does this mean I will become willow? I mean take on her characteristics and demeanor.

With DVDs I can spend entire days and nights immersed in Buffy. Will I change and become a clone of a TV character.
I hope the CIA doesn’t read this cause I think I just uncovered a massive conspiracy to make us over into TV clones that mimic TV shows and our lives are the episodes we have seen on the tube.

But, at least I don’t go around biting people on the neck or staking people (yet). So I guess no harm done. I just found out from one of Geek friends that’s a comic nut that a new series is out about Buffy in comic form. I will post more when I know more.

Helena says: Watch the tube and become wise.